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Wildlanka Symposium-2016 on ‘Development and Conservation’; 23rd and 24th August to be held in Waters Edge, Buttaramulla

‘WILDLANKA Symposium – 2016’ is a venue for disseminating the most recent scientific knowledge among the wildlife professionals, development practitioners, researchers, policy makers and other enthusiasts.

WILDLANKA’ is the official International Scientific Journal of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). Current volume of this Journal publishes high-quality research papers with particular attention to the theme of the 2016 Symposium ‘conservation and development’ Being an international journal, it publishes four issues per annum and reviewing panel including both local and internationally renowned academics, and scientists. DWC reached number one among government departments in Sri Lanka due to publishing an international journal four volumes per annum.

This is a giant step taken by the DWC in showcasing our capacity to the international scientific community.

The Symposium provides the opportunity to present research papers which are published in said journal.It will create a highly interactive workshop-like forum for both oral and poster presentations of innovative research by wildlife researchers, academics, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate students and other experts. During these two days 42 researchers will be present their researches and interestingly among them 12 are from department and 8 foreigners. 

The prime aims of this conference are; to provide a highly interactive forum for scientific exchange and collaboration among policy makers and scientists in the fields of wildlife while disseminating themost recent scientific knowledge among them. to encourage scientific research relevant to the management of the wildlife resources in Sri Lanka.


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